• Vision
    To be a leader in bringing out the best in each individual in our community.

    We will provide a school environment that fosters respect, compassion,
    tolerance, and nurtures life-long learners who make meaningful contributions
    to society.

    Foundational Values
    • FAMILY - A belief that the health, fulfillment and kinship of family
    members is essential to sustenance, satisfaction, stability, and/or legacy.
    • INTEGRITY - A sincere commitment to truth, trust and reliability.
    • KINDNESS - A commitment to a disposition for pleasantness,
    tenderness and consideration towards others.
    • HONESTY - A commitment to factual and objective straightforwardness.
    • LOVE - Having a deep affection for another (or for others) that causes
    one to put their needs ahead of one’s own.
    • COMPASSION - Taking into account the feelings and needs of others.

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