Director of Instructional Services - Letter to Community

  • Dr Kramer Dear Barker Families,

    As we start the new school year, I know many of you are starting with a mix of emotions: excitement for the new year but trepidation of what it is going to look like and what might happen. I wrote these exact words last year and it seems nothing has changed. At the time of this writing, we, like you, are eagerly anticipating guidance from the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Education Department. I’m hoping by the time you are reading this, we have it and your questions will have been answered.

    Barker is continuing our one-to-one program for devices this year. As mentioned in the spring, though, only 3rd grade through 12th grade will be taking devices home. Of course, exceptions will be made if needed for quarantines. This year, PreK and Kindergarten will receive iPads to use for the year while 1st through 12th grade students will be issued Chromebooks. A huge thank you to Mr. Luckman, Mr. D’Angelis, and Mr. Santas for all their work this summer getting these ready for the school year.

    We continue to align our curriculum to updated New York State standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, and World Languages. Through this process, we hope to provide your child(ren) with the most comprehensive, research-based education possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about these changes.



    Dr. Mariah Fiona Kramer
    Director of Instructional Services
    Phone: (716) 795-3350
    Fax: (716) 795-3394

Last Modified on August 23, 2021