• Mark Learo

    Dear Barker School Community,

    My first few months have been busy, productive and exciting. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of you and look forward to continuing to immerse myself in the Barker community. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding Instructional and Special Education services at or (716) 795-3350.

    As we approach the close of the 2023-2024 school year, I would like to share some important information regarding Special Education:

    Special education programs and services provide equity and access for students with disabilities to be involved in and to participate and progress in the general education curriculum. The New York State Education Department has established a blueprint for Improved Results for Students with Disabilities. This statewide framework is intended to help guide improvement of instruction to prepare students for success beginning in the preschool years and to lay the foundation for post-secondary readiness and success.

    1. Students engage in self-advocacy and are involved in determining their own education goals and plans (Students participate in IEP meetings, monitor their progress towards academic & social goals, engage in career planning and selection of courses of study).
    2. Parents, and other family members, are engaged as meaningful partners in the special education process and the education of their child (Parents understand what their child is expected to know, engage in frequent, respectful, and open conversation about the educational needs of their child with school staff and have the information they need about effective strategies to support their child’s learning).
    3. Teachers design, provide, and assess the effectiveness of specially designed instruction to provide students with disabilities with access to participate and progress in the general education curriculum (This is evident when IEPs are developed in consideration of grade level standards and are implemented and reviewed by educators, families and students to ensure that students are meeting their annual goals, students with disabilities receive instructional materials in alternative formats as necessary).
    4. Teachers provide research-based instructional teaching and learning strategies and supports for students with disabilities (This is evident when teachers develop lessons that allow multiple entry points and multiple modes of engagement for students with diverse needs, teachers assess students’ understanding of lessons to improve and target instruction to student needs).
    5. Schools provide multi-tiered systems of behavioral and academic support.
    6. Schools provide high quality inclusive programs and activities.
    7. Schools provide appropriate instruction for students with disabilities in career development and opportunities to participate in work-based learning.

    Here at Barker we strive to educate all students to reach their fullest potential and experience success. I have been impressed by the dedication, hard work, and commitment of the entire Barker School Community in educating and supporting all of our students and their needs.

    Mark Learo
    Director of Instructional Services/Assistant Principal
    (716) 795-3350

Last Modified on May 14, 2024