Mr. Carter, Principal Grades PreK-12

  • Dear Barker Parents, Families and Community Members:

    Happy holidays! I hope you all have been having a great school year so far. Our students and faculty have been hard at work every day. We just wanted to take this opportunity to keep you all up to date with the wonderful things happening in our schools every day.

    As part of our alignment to a PreK-12 model, students have been hard at work with a peer mentoring program. The “M&M Mentoring Program” pairs upper classmen with younger students for regularly scheduled visits, activities and conversations. This allows many of our younger students to develop another positive relationship with somebody on campus; it also gives our high school students a chance to be a leader and continue to make our school a great place for all students.

    Continuing our focus on character education, our Student of the Month recognitions have been aligned PreK-12 to our HARD WORKER model. Each month, the letters from the acronym are used for a different character trait. For December, the trait is Dependable. It is wonderful for our students, faculty and families to see how children at all age levels demonstrate these positive character traits. The SPARK program for all students in grades PreK-8 continues to bear fruit. Responsibility and kindness are continually touched upon throughout the school day.

    Our School Resource Officer program with the Town of Somerset continues to benefit our students. Not only does it provide us with a major safety measure, but our SRO’s have been going into classrooms at different levels to provide instruction. Topics from household safety to forensics have been covered. Please see the “SRO Corner” article for a safety update in this Banner issue.

    As a reminder, our current PreK-12 structure involves both Mrs. Thibault at the elementary and Mrs. Bundrock at the high school. This model has provided students and teachers more support with classroom instruction and student discipline. These positions are a major reason why the changes to our school day have gone so well.

    Also, I would like to remind all community members that our District Code of Conduct applies not just to students, but to all persons on our campus. Whether it is during the normal school day or an athletic event, visitors, families and community members are expected to represent Barker in a positive way.

    It is an honor to serve as PreK-12 principal. The hard work our teachers do, from Prekindergarten up through Senior year, is on display every day. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of our school. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




    Mr. Michael Carter

    Principal, Grades PreK-12

    1628 Quaker Road

    Barker, NY 14012




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Last Modified on January 6, 2020