Mr. Carter, Principal Grades PreK-12

  • Hello Barker Families:

    First, on behalf of Barker CSD’s faculty, we would like to extend an enormous “thank you” to all of our students, families and community for your resilience, strength and cooperation through this entire situation. Every day, our students, teachers and families have been working hard to ensure education is continuing, which is no easy feat given this environment. Your strength and perseverance are greatly appreciated.

    One item we wish to make all families aware of for next school year is the transition to a six-day rotation schedule for all grades, PreK-12. Right now, the elementary is on a Monday-Friday schedule and the high school is on a four-day rotation. By switching to a six-day rotation, it will allow the District to share resources and faculty across grade levels more efficiently. Also, for the elementary, it will provide students who receive special services, such as speech or physical therapy, more consistency. Students often miss a Monday or Friday due to holiday breaks. When the days are rotated, no day is canceled. At the high school level, a six-day rotation will allow us more flexibility with scheduling certain services like AIS, and also provide students with more time to complete State required labs.

    Earlier in the school year, teachers at the elementary were working on transitioning our report cards and grading processes to a standards-based model. This will closely align assessment with students’ performance in the various state standards. The use of a standards-based report card will give parents and students more specific details on how he/she is performing against these expectations. We will also be transitioning to a trimester model instead of quarters. Teachers will have more time to collect student performance information in this model to give parents as much detail as possible about their child’s success. Further details about the new report cards will be sent to families around the beginning of the summer.

    It is important to note that these changes have been in the works since the start of the school year; these are not a result of the Covid-19 school closure. Thank you to this great community for your strength and commitment to the District during this time. We cannot wait to see all of our students in the fall.




    Mr. Michael Carter

    Principal, Grades PreK-12

    1628 Quaker Road

    Barker, NY 14012




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Last Modified on June 22, 2020