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    Sunday, April 11, 2021

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  • Barker Jr./Sr. High School
    Mr. Michael Carter, Principal
    1628 Quaker Road
    Barker, NY 14012
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    BCS HS

    In 1912, Barker High School graduated its first class. There were only six members! Over the years, Barker Jr./Sr. High School has grown in size while developing a rich history. Today, it continues its tradition of academic excellence with highly acclaimed programs and activities. A rigorous curriculum based on NYS standards prepares students for higher education and the work place.

    In addition, Barker Jr./Sr. High School is a leader in the use of educational technologies, maintaining classroom computers and offering AP courses. A multitude of athletic programs, a distinguished music program and other clubs and activities round out the opportunities available at Barker Jr./Sr. High School. 

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