Pratt Elementary Bucket Fillers of the Month

  • Students from grades Pre-K through 1 who have done or said something kind, been respectful to others, have displayed good behavior, and are role models for their peers to follow are candidates to receive the Bucket Filler of the Month award. Each month the teachers will select one student from each classroom to be a Bucket Filler of the Month. The students selected will receive a "Yee Haw" Bucket Filler award, a badge to wear and their picture taken with Mr. Hoar. Pictures will be displayed on a bulletin board at Pratt Elementary and under the Elementary channel of the school website. Congratulations to all the students who have been selected.

  • Pratt Bucket Fillers January 2019  














    January 2019: Daniel Aguilera, Mr. Hoar, Shaylynn

    Upton, Brae DiLorenzo, Makenzie Hill, Bryce

    Hirschman, Carson Costello.


    January 2019 Bucket Fillers






















    January 2019: Amelia Linkowski, Mr. Hoar, Tierza


  • Nov 2018 Pratt Bucket Fillers2















    November 2018: Tessa Seward, Chase Worrells,

    Chace Atwater, Greyson Heitzenrater, Khloie

    Benke-Respondek, Daniella Carnes, Laylah Lodwick,

    Mr. Hoar.


    November Bucket Fillers1



















    November 2018: William Burczynski, Mr. Hoar.

  • Sept 2018 Pratt Bucket Fillers











    September 2018: Cole Jackson, Bryce Remington,

    Braydon Hill, Rory Harvey, Kasey Thering, Jackson

    Dunkelberger, Jordan Spearin, Mr. Hoar.


    Pratt Bucket Fillers2 Sept 2018



















    September 2018: Avery Snell, Mr. Hoar.

Bucket Filler Clipart
  • Pratt Bucket Fillers December 2018










    December 2018: Mr. Hoar, Lillian Wittcop, Adam

    Grabowski, Emilia Farina, Hudson Prynn, Adalyn

    Snell, Lilah Kelemen, Olivia Sepanski.


     Pratt Bucket Fillers December 2018


















    December 2018: Mr. Hoar, Blake Barr.

  • Pratt Bucket Fillers1 Oct 2018









    October 2018: Mr. Hoar, Dominic Holm, Leeora Hess,

    Ayla Riches, Hannah Monaco, Olivia Cipolla, Hunter


     Pratt Bucket Fillers October1


















    October 2018: Elliot Newton, Madelene Carpenter,

    Mr. Hoar.

Last Modified on March 7, 2019