Superintendent - Letter to Community

  • Jacob Reimer Portrait

    Dear Barker Learning Community,

    In the winter 2020 edition of The Banner I stated ‘I’m certain that we will return to normal in the near future.’ It goes without saying that I was wrong with that prediction. The ongoing pandemic has continued to be a struggle for everyone in so many ways and it is not just about the positive cases and the subsequent quarantines related to those cases. It has disrupted instruction and learning for many of our students and it has undoubtedly affected our families at home as well. While we are hopeful that the measures we have had to take for going on 20 months will begin to ease, in reality we are likely still a ways away from a full return to normal here in the District. Unfortunately, virtually all of the decisions related to easing COVID restrictions will be out of our control as New York State will continue to determine the precautions we will be required to take.

    This being said, we are doing everything in our control to continue providing learning and other great life experiences for all of our students. We have done, and are looking forward to doing many of the events that we could not last year. Homecoming was great under the lights. The Halloween parade was fantastic with our little ones all dressed up. Our athletic teams have been and will continue to compete and represent Barker in ways that make us all proud. We will be conducting a school musical again after a one-year hiatus. I am extremely excited to watch our amazing and talented students perform Little Women in March. We will also host numerous concerts, as well as other wonderful extra-curricular events. We are getting closer to normal every day!

    With all of these fun things going on, we encourage the community to come and support our students in their endeavors. The kids and staff really love having audiences to play and perform for! Make sure you stay up to date with the upcoming events by going to our website at and clicking on the calendar tab at the top right of the webpage to see what is coming up.

    As the Holiday Season continues on, I hope that everyone in our community will be able to celebrate safely in whatever way you do for the Holidays. Every family is different and we each have our own unique traditions. I truly hope that each of you can find a way to make sure those traditions you hold dear continue as those are what make the Holidays special.

    I wish you all the best and I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings us!




    Mr. Jacob Reimer