Superintendent - Letter to Community

  • Jacob Reimer Portrait

    Dear Barker Learning Community,

    It finally looks like we have turned the corner and are pretty much back to normal operations here on campus. It has been more than two years in the struggles to get to this point, but we have made it here together as best as we could. While we hope that the current state will remain and continue, we still don’t know what the future entails for us here in Barker or across the state. However, no matter what, we know that we will continue to improve who we are and what we do every day, regardless of the circumstances or challenges that we may face.

    This edition of The Banner is a little different than years past.  It is a bit less heavy on the school budget, as preliminary information about the 2022-2023 budget was sent out to all taxpayers in April. However, this Banner is chock full of, and focuses on, the amazing things that our students and staff do every day. Ultimately, this is what our school is about – what our kids do in the classroom, on the stage, on a court, in a lab, on a field, or on a computer, is nothing short of amazing.

    If you have not attended a school event in a while, I encourage you to attend some of the many activities noted here within The Banner or that can be found on the District website. Most of our events are open to the general public, so please come and see these for yourself. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

    Lastly, I hope you take some time, even if you don’t have a child or relative in our school system, to look through all of the awesome things that our kids do day in and day out. Trust me, there is some very impressive stuff here and it is only through your support that makes all of this possible for our kids.  

    We thank all of our community for the continued support in providing our students with the opportunities that allow each student to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities.


    Mr. Jacob Reimer