Superintendent - Letter to Community

  • Jacob Reimer Portrait

    Dear Barker Learning Community,

    The upcoming school year is going to be the 110th school year of the Barker Central School District. It’s difficult to look back over the last 110 years and not recognize the amount of change that has occurred across our entire world, let alone here in Barker. For a little perspective, in 1911, commercial air travel did not exist and the Chevrolet automobile company was first formed. Now, we can fly anywhere in the world in less than a day and Chevrolet is making nearly 1.8 million vehicles per year. My, how times can change.

    The 109th edition of the Barker Central School District was also one of change. Like everyone else, as a school district we navigated an ever-changing landscape as it related to Covid-19 to provide the best possible instruction we could for our students. We began the year in a hybrid model with students attending a couple days a week for in-person instruction, while at the same time attending remotely when they were not able to attend in-person. Throughout the year, we adjusted our instructional model to allow more students to attend school in-person in greater amounts so they could learn to the best of their ability. While we did not return to full in-person instruction by the end of the year for all of our students, we were able to bring our elementary school students in for 4 days a week if they chose.

    Throughout the entire school year, we continuously made adjustments to the ways that we provided instruction to our kids. We learned to utilize technology in a significantly different manner to provide instruction. We dealt with the numerous zigs and zags of our national and state governments in addtion to the requirements we had to comply with to maintain in-person learning. We modified how we provided extracurricular activities for our kids like athletics, music, and other activities. And the list could go on. It was almost like we had to relearn how we provided every service to our school community. Change is never easy, but our entire school community did the absolute best we could considering all of the moving parts and continuous change that was occurring all around us.

    While we may never get back to what our normal was before the Covid-19 pandemic, this coming school year we are very hopeful that we will see things settle down a little bit. Our goal is to have as close to a normal school year as possible for our students and greater Barker Learning Community. We eagerly anticipate welcoming all of our students back through our doors starting on September 7th and providing 5-day per week of in-person instruction for every one of our students this coming year. We may continue to operate a little differently due to the continuing pandemic, but our kids will be in classrooms learning from the best staff in New York State.

    Is very important to note, that similar to last year, things can and likely will change during the school year as the situation related to Covid evolves. We will do everything we can to ensure we have the safest environment possible for all of our students and staff while at the same time providing the best education we can. We will continue monitor the landscape and make adjustments to how we operate to ensure we meet both of these goals as effectively as possible. We will also continue to communicate changes with the entire Barker Learning Community when we have clear details of what we are able to do. As such, please continue to check the district website and monitor the communications that are sent by the school.

    Together, as a unified school community, I know that we will be able to navigate any challenges that come our way this year, and well into the future, as we continue to bring out the best in each individual in our community.

    I look forward to seeing all of you around campus soon. Please continue to stay safe and healthy.



    Mr. Jacob Reimer