Superintendent - Letter to Community

  • Jacob Reimer Portrait

    Dear Barker Learning Community,

    I am so excited to write this letter to you! We have so many wonderful things happening around campus and great things are coming to our learning community.

    As you all know by now, District voters approved a $25,205,000 capital project in December. The design work on this has begun and is in full swing. We have had numerous meetings with staff and our architects over the last 4 months and we are getting close to completing the first phase of our project, which will include the work on the new multipurpose athletic fields that can be used by many of our athletes, all of our students during physical education, and our community. We will also be completing work on the parking lots during the first phase along with some additional items on the outside of the building. We expect to begin work on this in just about a year, or sooner if things go perfectly. The second phase, which is comprised of interior work is still being worked on and we hope to have final designs later this summer. We have created a webpage to follow along with capital work. Just go to our District webpage and click on the quick link titled ‘Capital Project’ along the left side of the main page. Right now you can find some preliminary designs that have been discussed as well as the most up to date ideas. Please take a look at these and feel free to send your thoughts to me at  We have had a lot of eyes on these, and great ideas have been tossed around, but we want your input too.

    Next, as we wind down the school year, I again want to encourage our entire community to come out and support our students and staff in the many things they continue to do. We have various concerts, athletic contests, extra-curricular events, and more. These are all things our students have been working on in addition to their daily school work. As a smaller school, we try to get as many kids involved in these activities as possible and we want to show our entire community what they do. Please look at the District event calendar, found here:, to see when and where things will be happening.

    It’s a great time to be a Raider!

    Lastly, there are a lot of items being proposed at this year’s budget vote. All propositions are important and valuable to the school and community. Your voice matters so please make sure to review the propositions and cast your vote on all these important items. If you have any questions on any proposition, please contact me directly and I will answer them for you.

    I look forward to seeing you in the near future and again, please don’t forget to vote on the annual budget on May 16, 2023 in the Ludwig Auditorium in the Jr.-Sr. High School!



    Jacob L. Reimer, EdD