• Mrs. Micaela Love, Principal
    1628 Quaker Road
    Barker, NY 14012
    (716) 795-3237
    Milford H. Pratt devoted his life to Barker Central Schools as a principal, working diligently to enhance the curriculum and offer students a more complete education. In 1970, the Board of Education named the new elementary school in his honor.

    Today, Pratt's vision endures. The focus remains constant and twofold: student achievement and character development. We expect all of our students to meet or exceed levels of achievement as set forth by the district and New York State. Portfolios and standardized tests serve as a benchmark to gauge the performance of students and raise questions about what additional steps should be taken to improve their classroom learning and school experience.

    We also feel that an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity is essential to cultivate character development in our children. We are focused on providing a safe and supportive school climate in which children can learn. We are committed to the children in Barker and to our mission of developing young minds and preparing every student for success in life beyond school.

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