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    Any questions please contact Julie Fuerch 716-795-3347 or jfuerch@barkercsd.net 

    Barker Pratt Elementary will again be CEP (Community Eligilibility Provision) this year where every student eats breakfast & lunch for free PK - 6th.  You may still fill out the CEP Application to create your status for other Gov't benefits. Your students may end up with Free/ Reduced or Paid status to be used in other areas (College Applications etc), your Pratt Elem students will still eat breakfast & lunch for free (regardless of status)  

    Barker JR SR High will again be the same as it was last year, where a student must qualify for free / reduced status.  Please fill out the JRSR High Income Application to see if you qualify.  Full Paid students in 7-12 who do not qualify will have to pay for meals. Students who qualify for "Reduced" Status are in essence free - NYS pays the quarter, so you do not have to pay anything if you are a reduced status.   

    Families only have to fill out one application for their household.  

    I understand this is very confusing, please feel free to email me or call with any questions.  











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