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    Universal Feeding has Expired - School Year 2022-23 Has MANY changes for school lunch. 

    Regarding School Lunch - Barker has split into two separate sites - 

    Pratt Elementary -Pre-k thru 6th 

    Barker Jr/Sr High 7-12

    Pratt Elementary will be CEP - Community Eligilibility Provision.  The Building is Free (not each individual student). Every student will eat for free both breakfast & lunch - Pre-k - 6th.  Every family is encouraged to fill out the CEP Income Application to establish status to be used for other benefits.  One per household. 

    Barker Jr/Sr High - will go back to normal w/ free/reduced & paid status.  Every household is encouraged to fill out a Family Income Application to establish status (free/reduced/paid).  Reduced students do not need to pay - they are free.  Only Paid status students will have to pay for their meals at school.  Parents may utilize My School Bucks to use Credit Cards to put money on their students accounts. 


    Any questions please contact Julie Fuerch 716-795-3347 or jfuerch@barkercsd.net 











Last Modified on April 21, 2023