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    It feels like we just started the 2019-20 school year just a few weeks ago and yet here we are nearing the middle of the year getting ready for the upcoming Holidays. The entire Barker school community has been hard at work this year and the time has flown by. As always, our students continue to achieve and excel at so many things. It truly is a privilege to watch our growth every single day. Take a look at some of the achievements of our students shown throughout the following pages. There is so much to be proud of in our entire school community.

    This is also the time of year that we formally start our annual process of developing a budget for the next school year. While budget development and maintenance is ongoing throughout the year, the next few months are when the actual picture becomes a bit more clear and we fine tune our planning for the next school year and beyond. The Board of Education, Administration, and staff take a great deal of time and effort to put together a spending plan that will provide the best possible education for our students while being as cost effective as possible.

    As you all know, the Somerset Power Plant will be closing soon, pending a final review by the state. While we always held out hope that this day would not come so soon, we have been planning for this well in advance of the actual closure. We will continue to rely upon our well-funded reserves while we work to get back to a truly balanced budget where our new revenues coming in each year will equal what we spend each year.

    One major part of this plan will likely need all of our community’s support. We have spent countless hours working to understand and educate our local legislators about what is wrong with the New York State Foundation Aid formula (which currently funds approximately half of our annual operating expenses) and why we are not receiving what is due to the Barker community. In the near future we will be reaching out to you to help with our advocacy efforts to right the inequities that are in place at the state level and to help increase the amount of State Foundation Aid we receive so we can continue to provide the best possible education for our students in a way that is affordable for our community. Please be on the lookout for more information about this effort as it rolls out in the next month or two.

    Lastly, as the winter begins to ramp up, remember that we have so many opportunities for community members to participate in through the school community. We have many continuing education programs that can be found within this edition of the Banner. And don’t forget we have many opportunities for you to support our students throughout the rest of the school year. If you have not been to a swim meet, a boys or girls basketball game, a wrestling meet, a baseball/softball game, one of our many concerts and fine arts events that happen throughout the entire school year, or some of the various community events and fund raisers sponsored by school clubs and activities - please stop in and watch what our students and community are doing. Just check the school calendar on the district webpage to see what is going on! They are all fun for the whole family!

    I wish you all a safe Holiday Season and a fantastic 2020!



    Jacob L. Reimer, Superintendent of Schools