• Chapter 68 of the Laws of 2012 enacted a new subdivision (10) of Education Law §3012-c relating to the public disclosure of the results of Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPRs) of classroom teachers and building principals. The following guidance addresses some of the questions arising out of Chapter 68, which strikes a balance between the privacy interests of teachers and principals and the interests of parents and the public for information on teacher and principal performance.


    Guidance for Parents:

    How do I obtain my child’s teachers’ and principal’s rating?

    The ratings must be requested by the parent or legal guardian. Pursuant to Education Law §3012-c(10)(b), each school district and BOCES shall fully disclose and release to the parents and legal guardians of a student the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each of the teachers, and for the principal of the school building, to which the student is assigned for the current school year upon the request of such parents and legal guardians. The governing body of each school district and BOCES is required to provide conspicuous notice to parents and legal guardians of the right to obtain such information.

    Can I obtain the APPR rating for teachers and principals other than my child’s current teachers and principal?

    No. Aggregate data on the APPR ratings of teachers and principals in a school district must be made available as described in Question P6 below, but Education Law §3012-c(10)(c) prohibits the release of APPR data that is personally identifiable, other than the data that must be released to the parents or guardians concerning their child’s current teachers and principal. The law provides that a parent and legal guardian may only obtain the final rating and composite effectiveness score for the teachers and principal to whom their child is assigned for the current school year. Therefore, the parents or legal guardians may not receive the APPR ratings or composite scores for teachers their child was assigned in the prior year or for other teachers in their child’s school or district/BOCES.

    Do I have to make a request for my child’s teacher’s rating in writing or can I get his/her rating and score over the phone?

    Education Law §3012-c(10)(b) authorizes a parent or legal guardian to receive such data in any manner, including by phone or in person and requires that they receive an oral or written explanation for the composite effectiveness scoring ranges for final quality ratings; and that they be offered opportunities to understand such scores in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance.

    As a parent, am I entitled to receive APPR data relating to my child’s current teachers and/or principal other than their final quality rating and composite effectiveness score?

    No. Education Law §3012-c(10)(b) does not authorize or require the release of other APPR data, such as subcomponent ratings or subcomponent scores of an individual teacher; data may only be provided as described in Question P6 below and if such data are not personally identifiable .

    Please contact Dr. Jacob Reimer, Barker Central School District Superintendent, at 716-795-3832,  to request the composite effectiveness score and final quality rating of your child's current teacher and/or building principal.

Last Modified on November 17, 2023