Community Education - Assignment Point Welcome to the Community Education page. If you have any questions and/or are interested in teaching a course, please contact the District Office/Mary Eadie at 716-795-3110. 
    Class Updates
    • Ceramics class for 3/27 - cancelled and will be rescheduled.


    • AARP has been cancelled for May 7 & 8 due to low registration.


    • IMPORTANT Hall Walkers – From February 28 – March 8: 

      Please enter from gym entrance by pool and sign-in. 

      We are closing the hallway by the south entrance for having people walk through for your safety and the students' rehearing, people helping, and performing for the upcoming play.  If you have any questions, please let me know at meadie@barkercsd.net.  You must complete a registration for to participate in Hall Walking too. 

    • Remember to please check your class start date and schedules periodically.
    • Yoga has changed to the Room 446 behind the Library in the Elementary School, use Elementary Main Entrance
    • Art programs are in 183, the Art Room by the south end door in the High School, first floor, look for sign by side of door
    Winter clip art free images free clipart images - Cliparting.comPlease be on the lookout for the Winter Banner which were mailed at the end of December to Barker residents as it will have the next courses in it.  Please share with family and friends.  You do not need to be a Barker resident to join in the fun!  If you did not receive a Copy of The Banner, please see the links below.
    New Online Classes:

    Health & Wellness Classes with Janice Novak - Meet Janice Novak, MA. She has a Master's Degree in Health and Physical Education. She is an international acclaimed author and speaker on wellness.  She provides workshops and seminars for schools, hospitals, corporations and professional organizations to present up-to-date information on pertinent health/wellness topics with the goal to empower people to take action toward attaining better health with easy-to-use techniques. She has been in many national publications and TV spots, including Opra.  Come and start the year with some healthy information.

    Cooking with Tess Georgakopoulos
    Online cooking classes via Zoom.  Tess Georgakopoulos, also known as “Chef Tess—Culinary Artist”, has been cooking and baking for well over 45 years since she was roughly 6 years old. Born into a Greek family, the art of cooking traditional meals using one's senses rather than recipes and measurements was passed on from one generation to the next. Her father was also a trained chef who brought the magic of food to life in another form on the weekends as they cooked elaborate family meals together. Food prepared from the heart, with one's own hands and creativity was, and continues to be, an expression of love in her home. As an accomplished cook and baker, Tess enjoys creating original recipes for her family and friends. Sweet, savory, or doughy, she enjoys experimenting and creating in the kitchen daily.
    Contact Information
    Barker Central School District, Community Education, Attn:  Mary Eadie 
    1628 Quaker Road, Barker NY 14012
    Phone: 716-795-3110, Email:  meadie@barkercsd.net
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