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Hadsell & Duchow Place In Holocaust Resource Center Arts & Writing Contest

Holocaust Poster8th Grade Students in Mrs. Dudek's Class Win Artwork Awards

Two of Mrs. Dudek's 8th grade English students recently received recognition in the 2021 Arts & Writing Contest sponsored by the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo.

Congratulations goes to Payton Hadsell and Summer Duchow for their grade 8 art submissions. Hadsell received the Renee and Boris Joffe Award for her 2nd place drawing. Duchow, also a recipient of the Renee and Boris Joffe Award, received 3rd place for her photography submission.

Both students were invited to attend a ceremony via Zoom on June 3rd. The students were congratulated by the Holocaust Resource Center and judges, and have received a prize of $50 and $25 for 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.


(Images below, top-bottom and left-right): Summer Duchow, Mrs. Dudek, and Payton Hadsell together with the students displaying their award winning artwork. Payton Hadsell with her 2nd place drawing. Summer Duchow with her 3rd place photography entry.

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