Congratulations to these students who have been accepted
    into the following colleges!  Keep up the good work and
    continue being successful in your future endeavors.
     Student Name  Name of College
     Bautista Lopez  State University of New York at Plattsburgh
     Bautista Lopez  University at Buffalo
     Burnett, Robert  NCCC
     Crenshaw, Dasha  NCCC
    Dwyer, Patrick  Niagara University
     Etheridge, Emma  NCCC
     Ewald, Shelby  College at Brockport SUNY
     Ewald, Shelby  Buffalo State University
     Hanel, Anthony  NCCC
     Haseley, Jessica  College at Brockport SUNY
     Haseley, Jessica  Daemen College
     Haseley, Jessica  D'Youville College
     Haseley, Jessica  University of Buffalo
     Haseley, Jessica  Roberts Wesleyan College
     Jones, Dale  NCCC
     Langendorfer, Elizabeth  Genesee Community College
     Merlin, Carolyn  Daemen College
     Moeller, Bridget
     College at Brockport SUNY
     Moeller, Bridget  Daemen College
     Moeller, Bridget  D'Youville College
     Moeller, Bridget  Niagara University
     Ober, Daniel  College at Brockport SUNY
     Ober, Daniel  Environmental Science & Forestery
     Ober, Daniel  University at Buffalo
     Olaf, Bradley  NCCC
     Sandolfini, Paige
     Niagara County Community College
     Stevener, Matthew  Clarkson
     Stevener, Matthew  Rochester Institute of Technology
      Stevener, Matthew  University at Buffalo
Last Modified on May 30, 2019