• Math Goals for Grade Four
    Goals for 1-10 weeks, grade 4
    Student will receive targeted instruction in the following areas with a goal of 75% as satisfactory.  Operations: addition expressions, properties, three addends, addition/subtraction of numbers up to 10,000 place value, subtracting across zeroes, add/subtract money and make change, addition and subtraction as inverses, strategies for working backwards; multiplication facts, expressions and properties, multiplication and division as inverses, fact families for multiplication and division, division facts, division with remainders, choosing the appropriate operation for solving word problems, working with/creating expressions for all four operations.  Number sense: round numbers less than 1,000 to tens and hundreds, round to estimate sums and differences, understanding 1,000s, benchmark numbers.  Geometry: ordered pairs, finding perimeter with one value missing.
    Goals for 10-20 weeks, grade 4
    Student will receive targeted instruction in the following areas with a goal of 75% satisfactory.  Number sense: reading and writing numbers; mental math and place value (19 hundreds); place value to 100,000; using large numbers for addition and subtraction, subtracting across zeros, comparing on a number line (interval on number line changes 10's, 100's, 1000's); (number line may not start at zero); ordering numbers (start at left, greatest place value) < = > and not = symbol; sorting and comparing numbers using Venn diagrams; Algebra: guess and check strategy; Measurement: elapsed time-on clocks and calendars; using a schedule.  Statistics: organizing and comparing data, creating tables from graphed data.
    Goals for 20-30 weeks, grade 4
    Student will receive targeted instruction in the following areas with a goal of 75% satisfactory.  Statistics: represent and interpret data, line plot, stem and leaf plot, bar and double bar graphs; Geometry: identify plane and solid figures with edges, vertices and faces; points, lines, line segments, area and perimeter; Number sense and operations; multiplication two by one, division facts, multiplication and division of multiples to 1,000, fractions on number line and as parts of a whole; Measurement: linear, mass, capacity in standard and metric systems; Algebra-finding values, understanding open sentences, using comparison symbols finding and describing patterns for all operations.
    Goals for 30-40 weeks, grade 4
    Student will receive targeted instruction with a goal of 75% as satisfactory in these areas: Number sense; ordering fractions on a number line, finding equivalent fractions for halves, thirds, fourths,fifths, sixths, and tenths, and adding/subtracting those with common denominators; understanding decimals as parts of a whole, read and write decimals to tenths using money as context and adding/subtracting decimals to tenths and hundredths.  Operations; two by two digit multiplication. Algebra; using <, =, > and not equal signs for fractions and decimals.  Geometry; parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines, points, rays and angles-acute, obtuse, right and straight.  Statistics; survey, collect and record data, design questions using data, read and interpret line graphs.
Last Modified on March 23, 2010