• Vocabulary/Sight Words
    sight words

    Fun ideas to practice vocabulary/sight words at home:
    • Using play dough, roll out into a long snake shape and form each letter to make different words.
    • Write out each word on an index card.  Trace over each word three times using three different colored crayons, markers, or pens.

     First Grade
    Smart Start/Unit 1
    a, and, are, can, do, for, go, has, have, he, here, I, is, like, little, look, me, my, play,said, see, she, the,this, to, was, we, what, where, you, be, come, down, good, help, it, jump, not, now, on, over, ride, run, that, too, up, use, very, yes 


    First Grade
    Unit 2
    away, does, eat, her, into, late, live, make, many, no, of, one,out,put, school, show, some, they,three, today, two, under, want, way, who,why
    First Grade
    Unit 3
    about, again, all, boy, call, care, could, funny, girl, give, hello, how, light, more, oh, our,people, pull, read, say, says, so, there, together, walk, water, were, when, would, your
                                                                      First Grade
                                                                           Unit 4
    after, any before, began, by, cold, done, every, falls, far, find, friends, great, happen, heard, house, kind, knew, know, new, old, opened, saw, soon, sound, their, told, warm, work
    First Grade
    Unit 5
    along, always, animals, ball, beautiful, better, children, early, father, from, ground, head, love, mother, never, nothing, or, places, round, should, shout, thought, try
    First Grade 
    Unit 6
    across, air, bear, been, birds, circle, earth, enough, ever, eyes, goes, gone, grew, laugh, learn, leave, only, other, table, toward


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