Poyfair And Alt On Winning Relay Teams

    April 15, 2010
    MEDINA -- The boys lost a hard fought battle, 78-63 to Medina to open their league season on Thursday. Putting up winning efforts for the boys were double winners Jed Platt in the 3200 meter relay and the pole vault, Tyler Scheving in the 1600 meter relay and the 400, and David Poyfair and Zach Alt in the 3200 meter and 1600 meter relays. Also chipping in with wins were Jordan Bender in the 1600 meter relay, Michael Lantinen in the 3200 meter relay, Robert Adams in the long jump, and Nick Britt in the discus.
    The team hopes to bounce back against Albion after spring break.
Last Modified on May 24, 2010