• "When I use paint to outline the skin of a beautiful peach, or the melancholy of an old apple, I catch a glimpse, in their reflections of… …their love of the sun; their memories of dew and freshness..." 
    - quote from Paul Cezanne French artist and Post Impressionist painter.


    Students in High School Art classes this fall did observational drawing and painting. Their subject? Apples donated by Jim Bittner Bittner-Singer Orchards. Different classes used different mediums... Studio Art used watercolor to paint their apples. Drawing class used pastels and Portfolio used acrylic paint. When students finished their artwork they were able to enjoy the "fruits of their labor" and eat their apples.

    Casey Apple


    Helen P. Kelley Memorial Art Show Winners

    The 25th annual Helen P. Kelley Memorial Art Show of the WNY Federation of Women's Clubs was May 15, 2015. The Western New York Federation of Women's Clubs Art Show is held annually for students in grades 9-12 in the eight far western counties of New York State.

    Barker Central High School was awarded eighteen ribbons for student work.

    Award winners include:

    1st Place: Serena Rosario"Flickering Reflection", Stained Glass, Grade 12

     1st Place: Grace McLaughlin, “GM", Computer Design, Grade 11

    1st Place: Emma Carey, "Cool lnspiration", Mixed Media Painting, Grade 10

    1st Place: Casey A' Hearn, "Steam Punk Journey", Altered Book, Grade 9

    2nd Place: Serena Rosario, "Sea Soaring", Stained Glass, Grade 12

    2nd Place: Serena Rosario, "Plum Petals", Ceramics, Grade 12

    2nd Place: Bethanie Rounds, "Somerset Oddities", Advertising Design, Grade 12

    2nd Place: Kelsey Blackley, "Rocky Mountain Reflection", Oil Painting, Grade 12

    2nd Place: Davison Miller, "Natures Gathering", Watercolor Painting, Grade 11

    2nd Place: Karlie Orsack, "The Book Of Magic", Altered Book, Grade 9

    2nd Place: Victoria Mace, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox", Printmaking, Grade 9

    3rd Place: Mike Rounds, "A Brewed Awakening", Advertising Design, Grade 11

    3rd Place: Lydia Dewart, "Blooming Beauty", Acrylic Painting, Grade 10

    Honorable Mention: Serena Rosario, "Iced Woods", Digital Photography, Grade 12 

     Honorable Mention: Abigail Bachman, "Gazebo", Watercolor Painting, Grade 10

    Honorable Mention: Abigail Bachman, "Lakeshore", Acrylic Painting, Grade 10

    Honorable Mention: Jazmyne Capen, "Dreams", Altered Book, Grade 9

     Honorable Mention: Karlie Orsak, "Steady Shot", Ink/Scratchboard, Grade 9



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