Pratt Elementary Students of the Month

  • We are using an acronym for the 2019-2020 school year for our student of the month character traits. The acronym is HARD WORKER. Individual students who demonstrated the character trait for the month are nominated by the teachers at each grade level.


    September: Honest

    October: Ambitious

    November: Reliable

    December: Dependable


    January: Witty

    February: Organized

    March: Respectful

    April: Kind 

    May: Encouraging

    June: Responsible

    Construction Worker  Engineer



Students of the Month

  • Pratt Elementary School Students of the Month - September 2019: Mr. Carter, Riley Clark (K), Bryce Remington (1st), Chace Atwater (2nd), Connor Baker (3rd), Brisset Lopez-Paz (4th), Ava Kelemen (5th), Dominic Cimato (6th), Mrs. Thibault.

Pratt Students of the Month September

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