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Voss & Meza Ray Claim Corn Hole Title

Corn hole champsVoss & Meza Ray Claim Corn Hole Title

A corn hole tournament for high school physical education students took place over the days leading up to Thanksgiving recess. Each PE class, eight total classes, had a round robin style tournament. The winning pair from each period earned a bye in the first round of the single elimination tournament. The bracket was then filled with 17 wildcard teams from all of the classes. A total of 25 teams and 50 students competed. Congratulations to semi-finalists Macie May & Jordan Leising on reaching the finals and to tournament champions Aidan Voss & Nathan Meza Ray (who filled in for Drew Sandolfini). Although unable to participate in the deciding match, congratulations is still due to Sandolfini for reaching the finals with Voss.

Class champions included: Joseph Mahar & Lucas Flegal, Mia Herman & Ashlin Cole, Cole Carnes & Anna Bowerman, May & Leising, Camren Szafranski & Ryan Santarsiero, Voss & Sandolfini, Paige Dennis & Zachary Hoyle, and Joel Harris & Lucas DerSarkissian.

Wildcard tournament participants were: Jackson Hauser & Ireland Brady, Wyatt Sherman & Jeremy Diaz, Logan Tolliver & Lydia Samson, Ryan Fisk & Tristan Garcia, Cloey Sanders & Hannah Fiacco, Noah Sandfolfini & Isaac Monaco, Michael Kalynycz & Allen Donner, Lillia Peace & Emma Evans, Joseph Pieniaszek & Andrew Hill, Alexander DerSarkissian & Emma McGrath, Alexander Ark & Logan Murrell, Tytus Wedekind & Jaret Black, Kevin Hadsell & Willard Nellist, Duke Redsteer & Andreas Nestoros, Steven Class & Mark Reeson, Charles LaGreca & Mackenzie Dodge, Meza Ray & Alexa Zglinicki.