• Who we are...
    The Barker Music Parent Club was formed in September of 2007 and has since
    raised thousands of dollars that has supported scholarships, awards
    and recognition honors, guest performers, and more.
    The BMPC is a collective organization made up of concerned parents, teachers,
    and students who want to enhance all children's musical education and appreciation in the Barker Central School district, as well as to provide financial and moral support to the Music Department at BCS.

    BMPC Sponsorships include:
    • School Concert Attire
    • High School Music Letters
    • Scholarships/Awards
    • Field Trips
    • and more...

    BMPC Fundraising Events include:
    • Annual Pancake Breakfast, Basket Raffle, and Baked Goods Sale
    • Annual Plant Sale
    Officers and Contact Information
    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Nancy Pestinger
    Phone: 765-2701
    Vice President
    Debbie Sweeney
    Phone: 795-9257
    Maria Cantella
    Phone: 795-9012
    Jamie Weller
    Phone: 604-2220
    Or contact any of the BCS Music Teachers:
    Cheryl Johnson - cjohnson@barkercsd.net
    Jeffery Rappold - jrappold@barkercsd.net
Last Modified on January 8, 2018