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    MLA Style:

    Some Examples


    Parenthetical Citations


    Work by a single author:

    Put the author’s last name and the page reference in parentheses: (Alger 128).


     Work by two or three authors:

                Put the authors’ last names and the page reference in parentheses: (Miller and Steinbeck 239).


    Work by more than three authors:

                Give the first author’s last name followed by et al., and the page reference:

                            (Jackson et al. 345).


    Work with no author given:

                Give the title or a shortened version and the page reference: (“Puritanism” 810).


    One of two or more works by the same author:

                Give the author’s last name, the title of a shortened version, and the page reference:

                            (Whitman, “When I Heard” 78).




    Works Cited: The Works Cited list at the end of your report is an alphabetized list, on a separate page, 

    of the sources you have used and documented. The additional line or lines of each entry are indented one-half inch.



    Works Cited


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