• Classroom Policy
    All students are expected to follow the classroom and school rules throughout the day.  I will give your child positive feedback about their behavior when it is appropriate.  If I am having difficulties with your child I will send a note home in their agenda or call you.  Please feel free to contact me with a phone call or by writing a note in their agenda with your questions or concerns. 
    Homework Policy
    Multi-colored Pencils
    All students are expected to study their Sight Words and Spelling Words each day for a few minutes!  Studying for five to ten minutes each night is better than "cramming" to learn the words the day before the test. 
    4th Graders: You MUST study outside of school for Social Studies and Science tests in order to be successful.  Please use your study cards to help you study for each test. 
Last Modified on July 22, 2008