Mr. Carter, Barker Jr./Sr. High School Principal

  • May 2020

    Hello Barker Families!

    Barker Jr./Sr. High School is working hard in preparation for the end of the school year. While year-end festivities and celebrations are on all of our minds (especially graduation!), we are also spending a significant amount time and effort planning for next school year.

    As noted in the introduction letter by Mr. Atwater, our Board of Education President, I am honored to become the Pre-K - 12 Principal. Mrs. Thibault and Mrs. Bundrock will join me as Instructional Support Specialists at the elementary and high school level, respectively. They will lend support to teachers and students when it comes to instruction, student management and life concerns, parental involvement, special events and overall support of the buildings. Teacher leadership like this will be integral to our success as we build a professional development program and work toward our instructional goals. We are honored by being asked to take on this role. I know that this new structure will provide our staff and students with more support and opportunities as we move forward as a Pre-K - 12 program.

    Another district-wide change for next school year is the alignment of our bell schedule for Pre-K through 12th grade. All Pre-K - 12 students will begin and end school at the same time. This will allow for more efficient and effective scheduling of faculty and programs. This will especially be beneficial to our elementary students; there will now be a 10th period built into the day, similar to what is currently occurring in grades 7-12. This will give teachers and students extra time for help, extra-curriculars, and other enrichment. 7th-12th grade students will also have a change in their lunch: lunch servings will be altered to 20 minutes. This will provide students with a 20 minute advisement period opposite their lunch to complete work, follow-up with teachers, and allow faculty to gather groups of students for specific purposes. A finalized schedule will be sent home near the end of the school year so parents can plan in preparation for September.

    Barker Jr./Sr. High School had many academic accomplishments over the course of the past year. Our 2018 graduation rate was recognized by Business First as one of the highest in Western New York. For the first time in several years we administered the English Regents Exam in January 2019. We achieved a high mastery rate of 44% and a pass rate of 92%. Also, Earth Science saw a 91% mastery rate; Algebra 1 earned a 99% pass rate and Geometry a 100% pass rate. Students earned a 93% pass rate on the Global Regents, and we are currently preparing students for the New Framework Exams and curriculum. We continue to set the bar high with all of our students. So far eight of our sports teams have been recognized as Scholar-Athlete teams. For next school year, we will also be instituting a “High Honor Roll” for those students who maintain an average of 95% or above. We are also one of the few schools in the state approved to award the Seal of Biliteracy from our Spanish Department. Last year, ten graduating seniors earned this seal, with several more currently enrolled in college courses working toward this distinction. I thank all of our departments and teachers, assistants and aides for their incredible effort.

    For the 2019-2020 school year, we will begin recognizing student achievement through the implementation of incentive programs. Students in grades 7 and 8 will be involved in the Spark Incentive Program, similar to what they previously experienced in 5th and 6th grade. 9th through 12th grade students who are meeting specific requirements will have access to a student incentive lounge during certain parts of the day. We want to make sure that our students who make the school a great place are recognized.

    Barker CSD also expects to continue the School Resource Officer program in cooperation with the Town of Somerset Police Department. We are very lucky to be able to continue to provide a high level of safety and security for our students and faculty. The SRO has been an integral safety component, and also an excellent resource for many students and families facing various life difficulties.

    Barker CSD will see many positive and constructive changes next school year. I thank you in advance for your help and support as we build off a great foundation and prepare for the District’s future.




    Mr. Michael Carter

    Barker Jr./Sr. High School Principal

    1628 Quaker Road

    Barker, NY 14012




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